BMW/Toyota Supra 8HP50/51 Stage 2 Gearbox Upgrade


BMW/Toyota Supra 8HP50/51 Stage 2 Gearbox Upgrade



Rated for 1000+ HP and 900+ TQ

While the standard 8HP transmission is known for its reliability, it has limitations when subjected to extreme power increases. In particular, the clutch baskets can break under high stress. Our upgrade addresses these weaknesses by replacing standard parts with billet components that offer significantly enhanced stability and performance. This upgrade ensures that your transmission functions reliably even at high power levels, providing improved durability and performance under the most demanding conditions.


Key Benefits:

  • Rated for 1000+ HP and 900+ TQ: Perfect for high-performance BMW enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Durability: Replaces standard components with CNC-milled clutch baskets made from 7075 material (billet), significantly improving stability and longevity under intense conditions.
  • Increased Clutch Capacity: Upgraded clutch system to handle higher torque loads, ensuring smoother and more reliable power transfer.
  • Comprehensive Upgrade: Includes a brand new pan with new seals and oil filter for optimal transmission health.
  • Thorough Cleaning: Ensures a debris-free assembly, maintaining the integrity of your transmission.


Our Stage 2 Transmission Upgrade is not a DIY kit. For the best results, the transmission must be sent to our expert shop or the entire car shipped to us. The price includes return shipping to the customer.

Why Choose Us?

Designed and manufactured in Germany by Kotte Performance GmbH, the leader in BMW performance enhancements, our upgrade is crafted with precision and quality that stands out in the industry. Trust us to take your BMW’s performance to the next level with our expertly engineered transmission solutions.


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